Body Massage

April 24, 2015 0


It cannot be a truly relaxing holiday if come with massage or spar. Body massage treatment is a natural treatments to improve your body conditions and advanced your health. Not only this, it also help you relaxed.

Body massage provided by erotic massage parlours in london mostly delivers soapy massage, classic tantric massage )similarly with body to body massage), lingam massage or prostate massage.

The soapy massage is originated from in Thailand, and now it is being developed by our professional therapists and is quickly becoming a new ‘famous Massage’ in erotic pleasure. In soapy massage, you will be massaged by a naked lady with bubbles naughtily and beautifully sliding all over you, then wet and wild experience culminates into the ultimate happy ending.

Body to body massage is similar with body to body massage, or can say some people call it tantric massage and others call it adult massage or body to body massage. In tantric massage (or body to body massage) erotic masseur will be naked or dressed in kinky. It is an erotic massage simply for sexual satisfaction. Imagine yourself in a scene from a site like this content is what we’re trying to make a reality for those who wish to enjoy it.

Lingam massage is basically always include in a classic tantric massage, it is just jet lag or just to extend the erotic play.

Prostate massage is called “sacred spot” in Tantra, prostate gland is believed to be gateway to the sensation of great intensity and finesse which make the orgasm truly unforgettable and can even allow you to experience it in your whole body. Yes it is a famous tantric whole body orgasm we are talking here.

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